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such madness
such sadness love can bring
she let her voice be taken as payment
and gave up her life as daughter of the sea
she walked the earth for him
each single step as painful as walking on glass
she was as devoted as she was brave
but he was being blinded by deceit, unable to truly see her
so they could never be
she chose to return to her sisters
her home now a watery grave

Do not awaken

you may whisper words of wanting
and lull my mind with written poems

you may make me sigh,
seeing stars in your eyes

you may hold me tenderly,
you may even hold me high

but do not awaken my heart
it is slumbering for a reason
and you might just rip it apart

Waiting, wanting

the full moon awakens the night
luminous she adorns the sky
and watches in anticipation
waiting, wanting before waning
beauty before her
with blooming red hidden behind her back
basking in her light
a sensual delight

Stormy weather

I rattle and shake
my bones exposed to the wind
stormy weather ch/kills


pavement can't prevent
life finding it's way to light
green conquering gray


on: the button stuck
in need to reset functions
off: switching my mind

My sanity

as I stare at the remnants of my sanity
  carefully spread out before me on the bed

I draw lines between the pieces made of you
   so you can catch me in your web
hold me prisoner
       devour me whole

figment of my imagination

The loss of you

As I slowly make my way backwards
through days gone by
I recognise your face within the crowds
many, many times

I feel you, see you
I need you
but you are never there

I beg of you, catch me before I fall apart
before the loss of you settles
deeply into the dark side of my heart


a breath away from Death
dancing entranced
in his arms
lifelines soon severed
one last slow sway

It's you

let me starve for love
it is you I want,
I breathe,
I drink


petrified beauty
residual trace of life
golden ratio


I lay down in grass
still hanging on to the night
wet with morning dew

Red lines

drawn deep into the weathered wood
red lines trace old verses we wrote
our words once shared now renewed
the past reborn

here we sat and spoke of love
a long, long time ago

Dull versions

their grey clouds mirror no truth to me
just dull versions of us deceived

what thought on being real
on seeing the world
the way we kiss, so sweet

our hands holding our hands
so tenderly
      they just can't see

they just won't see

My madness

I shall never be sane
huddled away safely in blankets filled with soft feathered insanity

what I see is truth
touch me with your gentle hands and feel the wonder in my words
they burst from me like flames

name my madness beauty
I shall cover you in it's kisses
love me
let me be

The Argonath

on both sides of passageway
Giant Watchers stand sentinel
their arms outstretched
looming over all who dare enter
warning them
beware the darkness on your journey
keep the light in your soul
beyond these gates
faith must overcome evil

Quotation from Edgar Allan Poe

“I am a writer. Therefore, I am not sane.”

― Edgar Allan Poe


you see the world in vibrant colors
where golden trees stretch their branches
greeting a purple sky filled with silvery clouds

they say you're blind
that your mind is mistaken
but I feel your reality's magic
and it's as beautiful as you

Invisible at dawn

the sun brings life but also steals

becoming invisible at dawn
your ghostly fingers caressing my skin
your ethereal kisses on my lips

I see you, I feel you
but only in the darkest hours

each night heals my heart
each dawn rips it apart

Washed away

near the ocean
buried beneath the dunes
broken promises
yearning to be washed away
but waves ~ unable to reach

You are

you ~ the centre of everything
the eye of my storm

you are both the core of my being as the skin holding it all together

you are the bones that give me strength to stand and the heart that keeps me alive

you are the kindle
but I am the fire

Be whole

my fingertips trace the outlines
of a tender sorrow
I see your pain & name it love

you are known to me
every part of your soul somehow has found its way into my heart
don't hide your tears
just as you don't hide your smile

show all, be whole

You capture me

and I know I should have run
drawn deeper into your desire
I'm likely to loose myself
but I can't leave
you capture me with your eyes
I drown in them and I can't breathe
please help me breathe
feel my limbs go limp by your soft caress
safe me

Now I'm lost

Quiet heart

bright eyes clouded over, pearly skin cold
her quiet heart silently beats within me
I drink her, I take her in
through midnight streaks of blue
and moss green forest hues
her lovely smile haunts me still
she ~ now the essence of me


with a vast expanse before me
in silence I sit and watch
the sun caressing the landscape
so tenderly, so serene
I feel her warmth
it burns from within
waking me, inspiring me
oh the power, the beautiful glory

Into the marshes

a chilly fog enveloping her
she walks alone
tracing vanishing footsteps in the mire
follows the disappeared
deep into the dead marshes
where nevermore to be heard
the sounds of life

Little girl hiding

down the hallway
a shape moves behind the thick curtains
dust stirs within dimmed sunlight
a little shuffle
she ~ the something lurking in the shadows ~ thinks she is well hidden
we will not see her, nor find her
she shall find us, scare us
she'll make us laugh

Legacy of war

born in a raging war
youngest eyes have seen too much
ruined by death and destruction
the definite decline of trust
hearts infested with fear
a dreadful legacy


fragrant spring flowers
a meadow beaming with joy
dancing butterflies

Heaven's gates

a distant rumbling sound
but nothing like rolling thunder
unlocking slowly
heaven's gates scrape on the covering clouds
leaving streaks of clarity
gazing from below
weary souls can't see the wonder
angels mourn them

Let go

I see you gaze into the distance
far beyond the hills
further even

you absentmindedly stroke the wood of the chair you're sitting in

you are here, but far away

watching warmer horizons
where birds fly free
like your soul yearns to be

it's all right
you can let go

Make me a moon


scent of southern summers
lavender essence
Provence on my pillow
night-time travels

There is evil

within the mists confusion
false whispers fall into innocent ears
stir false memories of would-have-beens and will-never-be's
the gears turn
burning holes into their hearts
there is evil out of sight

Eerie light

within this shadowland
eerie light bends into the night
among the lost and weary I stand
and stare

De hemel

dragend de wolken
licht omgeeft de gedachte
hier - de hemel - niet


a laugh from above
kookaburra in a tree
watching us sharply


The old man looked at the little girl lying in the sturdy wooden bed his own grandfather had made. His eyes a silvery gray color, sparkling. "Dreams are made from starlight Jade, don't you ever forget that. Always leave the curtains open so the stars can see you when you sleep."


Mysteries do not seek explanations
Do not travel to find
Come across all sorts of wonders with an open mind
Look at them as magic
Like dragon hearts and dandelion fuzz
Beyond the wild blue yonder there's a world to explore

You are not to blame

I'm sorry

I'm cold and my eyes are sore
my voice falters
my mind at war with itself
battered and bruised by my own hands I bleed
and I scream at you
to leave me, you don't love me
how could you even?

you merely take me into your arms

I'm sorry
I know I'm messed up
and still you are here

Suicide note

these words on this paper
stained with my tears and my blood
will they finally make you notice me
and do I dare die for that


money less precious
never shone nature so bright
like gold in sunlight

Almost spring

frosty grass glistens
as early sunlight shines pale
birds sing
a tune of season's change
winter will retreat
and this now arid field will flourish
in a fresh and beautiful hue


your train of thoughts derailing
not testing the breaks
to stimulate me
opening up my arms
to stop you from crashing


pink blossom falling
early morning wake-up call
sweet scented shower

Normal life

If normal life sucks - try imaginary.

Testing my voice

testing my imperfect poetic voice
you listen and do not judge me
thank you for your grace

A vessel

Bring me a bone
Shape some of my skin anew
And built me a body to bear the weight of my woe
For I am only a vessel
In which all the lonely people stow their sorrow
I know their thoughts, their fears, their pain
They weigh heavy upon my soul
Which is the only thing I truly own

Sleeping dragons

'Shh,' the little gnome whispered to Gwynn, 'best not wake sleeping dragons. They might not be to happy about that. They can be quite grouchy you know.' Gwynn grinned. Behind them they heard a soft snort. 'Are you calling me grouchy?' a low rumbling voice said.

locked from the inside
door to a secret garden
a world on its own



Vandaag. Hoe een woord van betekenis kan veranderen door een besluit. Vandaag is niet meer dezelfde vandaag als die van gisteren, of als die van vorige week dinsdag. Vandaag is vandaag heel anders.

Ze ligt op haar rug in bed en knippert met haar ogen. Het is nu nog donker. Ze zwaait haar benen over de bedrand en zoekt op de tast naar de wekker. Het is pas half vijf maar ze kan niet meer slapen dus staat ze op. Gisteren heeft ze haar kleding alvast uitgezocht en klaargelegd, alles precies op volgorde van aantrekken. Een mooie slip van wit kant met bijpassende BH, haar lichtblauwe zomerjurk, een klein wit vestje voor als ze het fris krijgt, en haar lievelings sandalen. Haar beste vriendin heeft gisteren de nagels van haar handen en voeten gelakt zodat ze op haar mooist zal zijn. Make-up draagt ze verder nooit. Haar vrienden en familie beweren dat niet nodig is. Ze is al mooi van zichzelf.

De spanning giert door haar lichaam. Onder de kapstok in de hal staat haar volgepakte koffer al we…

Deepest scars


complex compact lines
this perfect drawing in green
a gardener's dream

Remember the world

Rock Art

Lines create meaning
Ancient stories carved in rock
History portrayed


she watched the waves carry away weightlessly
blossom and bone
said silently goodbye to the dead and the dying
while within her
a sea of turmoil

Touched by love

scarred hearts
~ afraid to be loved, to be touched

they wander just on the outskirts
of paradise lost
unwilling to take the risk
of maybe falling into the darkness
losing love once more

but love refound can heal some scars
and make the heart go dancing
round the sun and the stars
and back again
exquisite bliss for the time
simply being touched again

Burning hearts

a perfect fire
leaves hearts burning long after
love has turned to ash

To let go

Elaine sat in the corner on the floor. She was watching the rocking chair which stood near the window. A dim light fell into the room. She had been sitting here for hours, unable to move, not willing to let go. So she sat, watching the two inanimate things she loved. Waiting.

My child


bound to muddy earth
gazing longingly at the bright sun
Icarus' wings singed

Glass filled to the rim

yearning for what's already gone
she sits waiting in vain
to numb the pain
glass filled to the rim
spilled wine stains the table

Breathe in

breathe in

    lungs fill with inspiration infused air

 breathe out
    breathe in

    feel the power flow into your brain

breathe out
    breathe in

    hallucinate, create!

know this, poet ~ dull be the sane ones


I remember that boy, the quiet one, now long gone
too soon

he was never reaching for the stars
he was simply content staring at the nightly sky, wondering how beautiful they were

I wonder if he knew that I was staring at him the same way

distant, but nearby

Lioness in love

Ferocious, she smiles a hungry smile
Her claws dig into my skin
Like she wants to bare my soul to her stare
I love how she loves me
A wild thing I shall never tame
I shall never bind her
It would not be the same

Your touch

a world within a world within a world
as love unfolds
I fear not the future
nor the past
you need not give me a promise
for though this might not last forever
right now
your touch is enough

Dancing with strangers

dreamlike haze
dancing with strangers
no need for music within vibrating air
moving with grace

Until last breath

this morning's dawn distant and cold
this day shall take more than it'll bring

I'll hold you until last breath, soon

though you will die, my love
and my hands will become empty
Death shall not have dominion over you

your soul is safe with me,
our memories too