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turn this twisted story around
make wrong what was right
and the hollow in my soul shall sing

I know the difference,
retching I fill my soul with fire
cutting the darkness from beneath my bloody skin

never shall I be, but
I am light

I feel the change course through my tired veins
blue skies turn cold
the sun now unable to warm my soul

ancient ghosts ring their silver bells
while the winter in your eyes
matches the frost on the leaves

a light touch of the lips
a whisper
a deadly kiss


"I'm glad you're having fun," Darren said, rolling his eyes. Kate chuckled and gave him a lopsided smile.

"Well, you have to admit, it was quite a sight and I never knew you had such a nice tush." She was wriggling her eyebrows.

wind scattered raindrops
fall - early autumn showers
leaves in a puddle

destined to die, fighting all demons
the angel's fire burning from within

carve the mark into my skin
black, intricate patterns
strengthening me
fueling my desire to win

I shall know no fear
battling besides my brothers

let the war begin

tendrils of smoke adorn the nighttime sky
starlight whispering of its secret desire while the sliver of moon beckons me

I am becoming fire
burning down my dreamlike longings with sadness
listening to the sizzle of embers deconstructing me

Lion & lamb

dancing among strangers
secretly kissing the nape of her neck
the taste of desire combined with danger
much like love
between the lion & the lamb

he quietly roars when she shivers
his hands warm upon her skin
his love knows no boundaries

tears water the grain
under a bright harvest moon
glancing down on her
it silently mourns her loss
caressing her with it's light

Forgive me

forgive me my fateful delusions
my heart and mind weary - hopelessly lost
I made this glass house my home
forgive me my visibility
my soul consumed by fear - feeble
I tried to take cover but failed
forgive me my whispered words
my voice without courage - wavering
I started thinking aloud
a distant sound in a crowd
forgive me making peace with death
my body and mind far too tired and torn
for muted anger no more room
forgive me my cowardliness
my mind not kind nor brave
for I alone dug my grave
- willingly

lost to him
little pieces of his history
like walking on the beach, hand in hand
loving her
writing their names and a heart in between into the sand

sometimes restless now, angered
he knows he forgets things
and there's no-one to blame
but his brain

dwell not upon the dark days
hidden under the stairs
blood mixed with sawdust
woodworms know all but won't ever tell
secrets are meant to stay secret

the morning sunlight
our shadows - larger than life
magnificent us

we gaze at the horizon
saying goodbye without words
the evening sky a purple haze
where clouds pass by
like you & I


when my perception is clear again
I find flaws in my memory
to frequently
little bits lost in a haze

this reminds me of you & it frightens me

in time my world will grow dim
maybe sooner than later

do I go on
knowing the world I see now
will eventually be gone to me

I remember

I remember
clouds drifting lazily in the sky
sheep, dragons, butterflies

I remember
lying on our backs in the grass
holding hands, falling asleep

I remember
blood, being cold

but I can't remember why

desperate feelings weigh heavily on my fragile mind

in the shambles of my thoughts
I turn stone after stone
searching for any sign of you

frozen morning dew
clear crystals on grass
autumn's jewelry

Quotation from Gabrielle Zevin

“Someday, we’ll run into each other again, I know it.
Maybe I’ll be older and smarter and just plain better. If that happens,
that’s when I’ll deserve you. But now, at this moment, you can’t hook
your boat to mine, because I’m liable to sink us both.”

― Gabrielle Zevin, Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac

the sea of purple heather is slowly turning brown
and the autumn winds grow colder
I know the age of sorrow is coming
and as you grow older
the changing seasons trace the profile on your face
but how lovely you still are
glowing and beautiful
my heart is beating ever more faint

My demise

this sweet maiden
her loveliness my demise
the scent of her like a drug
taking me higher and higher
the damned soaring up to heaven
she thinks I'm beautiful and virtuous, like an angel
how little does she know
her innocence tormenting me
loving her kills me


Sometimes (well, often) I can be so in love with a story - the world, the characters, the lot - that I really have to mourn when I've finished reading the book(s). It honestly hurts. Maybe I'm just weird, but I just can't seem to let it go easily. 

spreeuwen in een boom
een stormachtig overleg


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*does not compute*


A single candle flickered in the room casting only a little light, causing shadows to dance on the walls. She sat at the rim of the bed watching him breathe peacefully; her eyes bright, almost feverishly. "How can one so angelic be a demon to my darkness," she whispered.


safely held to her breast
a new little life
fragile like glass
innocence embodied
naked bodies
naked hearts

Quotation from Carl Sandburg

"Poetry is an echo, asking a shadow to dance."

 ~ Carl Sandburg

Quotation from William Styron

“A great book should leave you with many experiences, and slightly exhausted at the end. You live several lives while reading.”

― William Styron

My room

drawn in purple blue lines
my dark thoughts on white walls
I write without hesitation
they let me

here you come to play
we build our sandcastles with wet clay and drown the pain

I stab the beast under the bed
while you silently lie beside me


All around her, the muffled sounds of midnight. She sat on the forest floor, the cold slowly creeping into her body. She loved the solitude and she wished she could be here forever. Shards of moonlight pierced the dense canopy. She felt him before she could see him. "I'm ready."


Allan looked a bit nervous. I don't know, he said to his friend, are you sure it's safe? Gill made a casual gesture. Nah, no worries, you'll be fine bro. Well, maybe you'll be just a tiny bit dead, but you can learn to live with that. Trust me, I know.


Erryn watched him closely. He had strong yet elegant hands. She loved the way how he could hold on tight to his dance partner, yet be gentle at the same time. He moved with grace. He wore a simple white shirt and she could see his muscles flex underneath. Suddenly their eyes met.


Simon ran his hand through his tousled hair. "I need a stiff drink," he said hoarsely.

"Alright, what's your poison?" Jake was smiling, seeing his friend this way was new, and amusing.

"What?" Simon looked up, confused.

"What would you like to drink to drown these nerves?"

Good company

wandering alone
through a field of purple flowers
she hums a summer's song
content to be only
in the company of the sun