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a falling star - bright                                           tonight I wish for nothing            but a dream of you

a darkened soul becoming the light of my world torch-lit dungeons whisper my name the safety of captivity I see no punisher I feel no pain

our verses become erased refrain from turning back frantically uncrumpling paper flowers trying to save what has already become undone yesterday is gone - our photos will fade I plaster a smile upon my face save grace for those who fall behind

I know of nothing but the whispering in my head you speak to me in riddles while I try to unravel your thoughts but come up short you are a dreamer an artist's perfection I find my brushes and start to paint but you just won't be caught

she cuts out the little pieces of madness she believes to be hidden beneath her skin she sees the beauty in blood she knows freedom will come by letting go let go, she whispers my madness, let me go

Nothing is truly lost. Lost is merely hidden until found again. Things might just not be found  by the ones who lost it in the first place. It's like unintentionally sharing your treasures. Someone will unintentionally share their treasures with you. Love what is given.

het winterbeeld wit boomtaken bedekt met sneeuw een zwarte merel

lipstick lines on the mirror sweet reminiscence of a night gone by in a haze red traces of you

"You get your butt out of bed and go apologise to her!" "Shh, don't talk so loud, my head hurts." "Go. Now, or not only your head will..."

seasons change, as do souls we start as seedlings grow, take root, and sometimes let go we wither and we die we meet, we greet, we say goodbye we watch other souls pass by but within the shadows of our hearts bloom dandelions: sweet and pure eternal remainders of our childhood

daydreaming in grass clouds up high in a blue sky rabbit - dragon - heart

ik wil je vragen op deze dagen die zo zwaar zijn zo koud zonder zon zonder haar hoe het met je gaat en of ik je moet dragen tot de lente er weer is

Kade rubbed a hand over his face.  "This is not going to work. Pastel colored walls do not scream domination." Eva smiled wickedly, her fangs protruding. "They do if I'm going to be in charge. Trust me on this." Kade rolled his eyes. Eva gave him a kiss. "So, it's a deal ?" 

I must...           ZZzzz                   zz z      z z *snort* *wide-awake*

darting around like little lambs on wobbly legs exhilarated

I don't know what I'll find, if I start digging inside my own mind gems or rubble or simply broken glass wilted flowers or a meadow of blooms & grass marbles of all sorts hidden away; cat's eyes, clays, perlies or glimmers would you be tempted to come in and play

news it dawns everyday heartbreaking mind-numbing gut-ripping reality and nowhere to hide *fingers in ears* *eyes tightly shut* is it over?

the strength of a tree does not lie in its sturdy trunk or its strong branches it comes from within Gaia's gift of life

Elves of Middle Earth angelic voices leaving darker days will dawn

I pause before I crash looking at you car thinking again how much you loved it

timeline flooding waves of poetry wash upon my shore blissfully drowning me in beautiful words

there's no time to talk he says binding her with these chains of silence she never anticipated

lines have been drawn with blood; intricate circles spilling emotions onto the floor like red wine Bacchus would be displeased this face as if made out of marble white and beautiful a Goddess? no, here lies my mortal woe silent like a statue my kiss meets cold lips

upon this non-existing ceiling, projected a rejected vision these crystal thoughts her clarity of mind, shattered like glass no glue can mend what they broke no patches nor bandages she needs sleep to heal a slow slumber, a quietude to wake finding the dawn of reclaimed dreams

I used to play here in this house with its many chambers the attic filled with mysteries flaking wallpaper reveals drawings blues, reds & greens a golden sun the dreams I dreamed now faded but some mysteries remain, like were you ever real

a bright flash of red pawprints on blanket of snow fox scurries away

last leaves are falling bare branches sway in the wind silver birch dancing

lost inside your story I searched between the lines for the words that would free me I never anticipated torn pages

"Holy motherfucking shit! Did you see that? What the bloody hell was that... thing?" "You think the visible creatures are scary? Then you're in for a treat my friend." "Excuse me? You're shitting me, right?" "You wish. I never shit about things like this. Ever." #darkjoke

ignoring the thorns I take refuge in a lie caress the white petals of the roses around us staining them with what bleeds from my broken heart lovers are meant to be lovers a passion as fierce as the crimson sky you & I still entwined I kiss the life from your lips

little girl lightly sleeps dreams wearing pointes and tiny pink tutu not ever stirring quadriplegic ballerina

  sparrows nest here attic filled with hay and dust the red wheelbarrow broken somewhat forlorn - old barn

   early start - a child looks up in awe the world so big old man stares - not seeing at all his mind receding - before the last call

sunlight slowly fades clouds try chasing their shadows starlings kiss the sky

you may read my rings of time peel the layers of protection but I plead please heed my heart hiding naked beneath

we all wear masks to hide the many selves we are our true face - unknown still clawing at us  

lost in the shadows your smile does not reach your eyes I seek & you hide the love the fire even the fury and even though I persevere deep down inside I know it's too late

SHE had prompted the question which left him at a loss 'it's now or never, love' but whichever he'd choose ~ checkmate

He smiled at her. He normally had a beautiful smile. Right now though he was smiling rather wickedly and she felt a shiver run down her spine. He held out his hand. "Come, my love." His voice was dark, sensual. "I promised you a new beginning. The end has to come first though."

how kind snow can be softly covering the trees see ~ crystalline love

  as the leaves fell down autumn winds tore us apart we became winter

surreal - with an ethereal smile she seemed defined by fabled memories I wonder was she even ever - more than a figment of my imagination

your sweet words weaving silky webs of deceit none could stand guard against such powerful poetry bereft of meaning