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Possessive love

a delicate heart burdened by possessive love; a load too heavy burning within the yearning for freedom and as a calm darkens dawn will not bring light this night the tender cage will be broken quiescence will turn to rage

Orange clouds

walking beneath orange clouds in the distance ~ a solitary tree it feels like the sky is slowly falling down on me as I try to cross this field of waving grain I'm tired maybe I should just lie down let the clouds kiss me goodnight

Sigh: The last goodbye

    The last goodbye - Billy Boyd 🎢 This is the song that concludes the trilogy of The Hobbit, filmed by Peter Jackson. To me it is even more than that. It is the perfect goodbye to both The Lord of the Rings as well as The Hobbit. What a magnificent journey the actors, producers and all others on the set have taken in participating in filming the mighty fantasy world created by Tolkien. It truly must have been a bit sad having to say goodbye to their characters, the world they were creating and to each-other. This was an epic undertaking and one I can imagine they will never forget. Lyrics: I saw the light fade from the sky On the wind I hear a sigh As the snowflakes cover my fallen brothers I will say this last goodbye Night is now falling So end this day The road is now calling And I must away Over hill and under tree Through lands where never light has shone By silver streams that run down to the sea Under cloud, beneath the stars Over snow one winter's mor

No longer a home

The house is silent. Even the walls have stopped whispering and the floorboards no longer creak. The air is thick with memories. Dust has settled on shelves filled with bits and pieces of the past. In the attic secrets lie dormant. This is no longer a home. I close the door.

Quotation from Munia Khan

“I wish to spend a lifetime near a lighthouse where loneliness will be the glimmer of luminous prancing upon ocean waves… rising and falling only for my breathing.” ― Munia Khan  

Empty harvest

this fall's empty harvest of souls a figure cloaked in black dwells the deserted streets where lights no longer are lit and doors stay closed our houses will slowly degrade to rubble until they'll finally disappear Death will bury the memory of us for we are no longer here


life holds on to hope and hope knows no boundaries always - everywhere

She's lost

drifting out toward the open sea on the current of dark thoughts her heart already lost her hand is slowly slipping out of mine as I try to hold on, but fail she has simply lost strength to stay and I am no longer her buoy I know one day, soon they will call me - she's gone