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Ik kijk

Image by alanajordan       En in de stilte blijft ze zwijgen Verweeft haar woorden tot beelden in pastel  GeΓ«tst in mijn herinnering Nooit waren haar zinnen zo helder als nu Ze heeft zoveel te vertellen  In nog maar zo weinig tijd Ik luister niet langer Ik kijk
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My little, hairy friend.

Missing so much... Little paw prints, lost whiskers, a lot of hair, everywhere. Cuddles, mews, and lots of love.  A wet nose, a sneeze, a snore. And so much more, so so much more. My little, hairy friend for over twenty years. The house is quiet and empty without you here. I'll love you always.


Look up. Above the clouds, a million stars. Lights from the past. A vast space upon which we can gaze. Look up and see the possibility of life beyond what we know, beyond the here and now. Maybe there is a heaven, somewhere. Behind those stars are stars upon stars we cannot see. So why not believe in something in something more. Maybe heaven is like hope and love. Not a place in space or time, but a feeling, a wish, a dream.
  night covers the earth above - a silvery moon somewhere an owl hoots
These dreams, dark and dangerous...   We walked through the marshes, following lights, beckoning us.  Sweet sounds surrounded us, like soft singing.  You smiled at me. I know you. I thought. Yes, you said, answering my thoughts, you know me. Your voice was warm, melodious. Beautiful.  Unearthly. I reached out to touch you, only to touch nothing.   I wake, longing for you. Every night. I watch the little lights, dancing outside my window, beckoning me. They are not you, but they are here for me.