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Kastelen / Castles

we hadden geen geld, geen knikkers
jij & ik
we speelden met zand
met onze handen bouwden wij
de mooiste kastelen

we had no money, no marbles
you & I
we played with sand
with our hands we built
the most beautiful castles


the warmth of the sun
rose bushes awakening
fresh buds will soon bloom

Shy sun

while early springs shy sun
slowly enters
steal blue winter's sky
- here
your frosted footsteps lay untouched


amid the ruins of their dreams
she sits alone
sings a song of sweet sorrow
remembering the days of their youthful folly
oh, how the world was full of vigor, exciting them, inspiring them
they believed they could reach the stars if only they tried
but what once was, shall never be


She played with the hem of her shirt, looking completely disheveled. Large stains of dirt marred the sky-blue fabric. During her run home she had even managed to loose her shoes. Standing in the doorway, she didn't know whether to run into the house or away again.

All the same

bright colored souls are feared
for grey minds think alike

how can they not see the beauty
in all those different hues

we are all the same
for we are all unique


life secluded - secured
keep the outside world at bay
both profit & loss


Her blood flowed down the drain like water. She looked so beautiful.


if we can not be all
to become bright
burning like suns, like stars

then what are we made of
what purpose have our yearning hearts

why should I strive to grow
to become more
if in darkness we are bound
grounded to the earth

doomed from the beginning
not destined to depart

A wilted rose

in the dead of winter
frozen dreams lie buried beneath a blanket of snow
blue, seemingly dead
still sorrow is seeping through, unseen
a wilted rose will not live to see spring
and as I walk barefoot over its snow covered thorns
my blood flourishes
where new dreams will grow


stamping with its boots
a dwarf stands in the garden
"A gnome I am, fool!"

Inch by inch

you - exploring me

memorizing my body

inch by inch by inch

The evil of man

in the dark of night
Death kneels down in the dirt
his bony hand caressing a still rosy cheek
stained skin obscures fragile beauty
such madness, such sadness
the evil of man
the demise of the meek

We fall prey

we exist separate and secluded
like sand in an hourglass
slowly but steadily we fall prey to the hands of time
and as I watch your face soften with the years
I yearn to touch your lips
yet all I feel is the space between us
so I kiss the air instead
and pretend that you are here

Irish girl

She spoke with a lilting voice. Hot damn! Such a sexy accent.


waves of sadness flow
relentless dry heaves
on my knees on cracked soil
petrichor I crave
revive her - rain

A dwarf

staring spellbound
magnetic image comes alive
there's a dwarf in my kitchen
telling tales of treasure
how weird is that

I am the one

I am the one rustling in the leaves

I am the one hiding between the trees

I am the one saying nothing

I am the one seeing all

I am the one that is faltering

and I am the one that will fall

Do you know

I am wandering
and I am lost

here - everywhere, darkness alluring, making me stray
and every day I end up further away from the light

I am tired
and I fear each night

do you know the way to nowhere
are you going there
can I come with you