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Taming two

  Sam leaned on the fence with a smirk on her face, watching Pax wrestle with the stallion, sweat dripping from his brow. The horse reared on his hind legs and almost knocked him over. "Hell and damnation!" he cursed. Sam smothered a laugh. "Don't say I didn't warn you. Let me give it a shot. Maybe a female touch will do it." Pax sent her a dark look. "And now I'm warning you, little filly. Don't come near this horse until I have him tamed." Sam crossed her arms. "Or what, you can't tell me what to do." Pax let the stallion loose and it quickly ran to the other side of the paddock. Pax walked over to Sam. "The hell I can't," he growled. "Don't try me on this, Sam." He climbed the fence and landed close to her. Sam glared at him. "We'll see," she muttered under her breath. Pax shook his head. "I'll set your ass on fire!" Sam rolled her eyes. "Sure you w

  From the corner of her eye Jenn saw someone casually leaning against the bar. Turning to look in that direction she met the direct gaze of a gorgeous guy and she instantly blushed. With a slight smirk, he raised his bottle of beer. Cheers, darling, he said. Jenn closed her eyes.

    my heart

  secret passages to forgotten realms

Mysterious: Aftertones

            Aftertones - Janis Ian 🎢    

  He curved his fingers around the nape of her neck and with a little pressure he tilted her head sideways. Holding her in place like that he murmured in her ear: "Now what do you think happens next, little girl?" His voice sent shivers down her spine.

I descend into madness again

  She fumbles with her scarf. Sorry, she says, almost whispers, looking anywhere but at him. He regards her in silence, his arms crossed and his jaw set. She starts to turn away, but he catches her wrist, sits down and drags her onto his lap. Are you now, he drawls.

Don't lie to me, darling, he says. She glares at him, defiance clear in her eyes. I'm NOT lying, she retorts. He raises an eyebrow. Leaning casually against the doorframe, he looks deceivingly calm. Tell me then, he says, I'm curious. What's your definition of lying?