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Mysterious: Aftertones







Aftertones - Janis Ian 🎶 



Sometimes it's all too much to say aloud
The sound's a shroud
The meanings crowd
Sometimes the words are painful to the ear
They disappear and nothing's clear
'Til all that's left to me are aftertones
I take them home
We live alone
But I remember chains of melody
It pleases me - this song's for free
Within the memories of our life gone by
Afraid to die, we learn to lie
And measure out the time in coffee spoons
In fading suns and dying moons
'Til all that's left to see are aftertones
And no one knows
Where meaning goes
But i remember chains of melody
It pleases me - this song's for free
And ooh, I like the sound
Of harmony from time to time
I really do believeIn some kind of tomorrow
When it speaks to me


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