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watch me dance my silvery skin shimmering in moonlight I've earned my scars they crown my breasts like pearls do not pity me for I am proud see me for what I am a survivor fierce, not frightened alight with a lust for life taste me, take me in know that I am fire from within


somewhere between the lines I dwell in silent company of fictional others there's no here and now needed only written pages


disregard my hands shaking and look me in the eye it'll calm the storm, now  raging I shall cover my naked tremors while my illness claws

The light

here I find my madness in me the cries, the moans the white walls with carved drawings depicting my demons the scratches on my skin my imagined sin exposed here I accept the truth the darkness does not surround me it is just the light that I can't see again & again & again


walking amidst the gravestones I fear I will forget that once upon a dream you and I - together love without regret

Burn me

away, away the war raging my head - thoughtless let me see light in darkness let me love before death - looming you, my candle burn me alive


a cute little lamb looking rather sheepishly: should I spring around?

Never the same

never the same a safe haven for my heart always changing ~ like clouds I am madness in motion under a pale moon

Never meant to...

how our world ends how I know nothing of everything and everything of nothing how I feel white fog enveloping us all how I see us ~translucent already ghosts existing without being   I am not delusional everything is suddenly so clear to me we were just never meant to be