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This kingdom of books

in this kingdom of books
 stories paint the sky
 and invade those souls searching for enchantment
here I shall sit and wait
 I shall breathe words
 I shall weep poetry
here I shall die and know
 I have seen heaven on earth

Maze of memories

lost within her own mind
she wanders alone
with unsure, frightened steps

this maze of memories surrounding her
some of them real, others imagined
her brain an enemy of the most vicious kind

I try to reach her, touch her hand
but she seems to far gone
my dearest friend

The narrow road

this time I will follow the narrow road for once
the uneven stones painful beneath my barren feet
 I will take no directions from false friends
 it is my own path I need to follow
 even though I know I will get hurt
 I'll wear my scars with pride
 they are mine alone