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The past

closed windows shut out truth
the air inside is humid and filled with whispers

sitting alone in the dim room
she slowly sows stitches in time
still she knows only dreams last forever
the past will always be the past
but her heart refuses to believe

she's not alone

she's not alone


He could think of a million reasons to stay clear of her.

Caged hearts

never at rest
her mind orbiting the earth
chasing the sun relentlessly
in search of a spark of inspiration
she knows the words
but she hides her heart
crumpled paper
catching flame in the fire
caged birds can never fly
caged hearts can never write


sweet scented beauty
wild rose ruling the garden
the Queen of flowers


caught in a corner
barely left alive
in this godforsaken house
its walls pulsating with anger
stab me & twist the blade
then be gone
be gone

Poetic spirits

shooting sky-high
with orbital speed
poetic spirits view earth from above
never slowing
their stream of thoughts
pouring down


she's dancing
her heart madly in love with life
beating to the rhythm of music only she hears

as I watch her I can almost feel it
she's unaware of it
but she's my music
I can't dance
my heart does not beat like hers

I observe and translate
movement into words
my life, on paper