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To bits

she was sparkling
like something from the stars
sent down to please him

unable to break free
from her gravitational pull
he crash-landed

and loved her to bits
~quite instantly


she knows
   the dreadful days
       of dragging her feet

                                          she grows
                   ever more anxious
          always chasing time


across textured leaves
little legs walk very fast
ladybug travels


cracks in the ceiling
become like a roadmap
gazing upwards I travel
following strange paths
to stranger places




damn - who needs Greek
gimme Mexican!

The Grim Reaper

when he comes knocking
there is no deal to be made
you will leave with him

A heart

empty days followed by empty nights

his chest achingly hollow
lonely ~ he wandered the streets

looking for a heart
to beat
   to bleed
      to break


raking white pebbles
fully focused - ticking sound
causing spirals - zen

Trust fades away

words erased with words

images distorted
as light becomes as black as night
and dark becomes as bright as day

when trust fades away
we are left with shards of memories
fractured futures

do not find me in the cracks of our foundation

I never was
- we



moonlight always
fiery stars
in the nightly hours we move with grace
for this is our world
but still it haunts me
I shall never feel the sun on my face

Don't you dare

don't you dare die now
I'm having a moment of peace
sun bleaching my bones
and a beer for some cheer


Dear Edgar Allan Poe
I long for thy dark visions
dull be the sane ones

Beady eyes

black bird perches
on the rim of the roof
its beady eyes piercing
through my flesh
into my soul


as I fear mornings
I long for the nights to stay
black satin covers


trying not to stir
sunshine falls through the curtains
gently she wakes me

I am earth

you are elusive
like blue sunny skies & storm clouds
kiss me with your rays of light & touch me with your rain
you can find me - always
I am earth


-.. .  / ... - .. .-.. - .  / .... . . .-. ... -
.... . -  / -.- .-.. --- .--. -  / -. .. . -
-- .. .--- -.  / .... .- .-. -
-.. .  / ... - .. .-.. - .  / -... .-. . . -.- -
... .--. .-.. .. -. - . .-. ...
.. -.  / -- .. .--- -.  / --.. .. . .-..
.--- .. .---
--.. .-- .. .--- --. . -. -..
...- . .-. --. . . -  / .--- .  / ... - . --
. -.  / ... - .- .- .-. -
.-- --- --- .-. -.. . .-.. --- --- ...
.. -.-  / -... .-. . . -.-

Message in a bottle

remnants of the past
bottle washed upon the shore
the sea gives and takes


water runs wildly
history made out of stone
ivy covered bridge


three little ducklings
are ushered by their mother
into a brisk pace

A pattern

I trace

           a pattern of your love left behind

skin against skin
and sin kissed by feverish sin

it's your face I see ~ always
I carry your scars

Guarded heart

she tried
   not to protect

                 but failed

a guarded heart does not beat
it scratches against the soul
leaving vicious scars


they were lonely dreams
            she only dared to dream


a life's thread severed
pardon me my heart breaking
brothers be brothers


cherish her heart
thorn & blood
are simply the price to pay
for deep rooted love

Your room

wearing off-white woolen socks
& your sweater - too big but warm
sitting here - happy
on this old, tattered couch in your room
it sure feels like home

Frozen flower

sweet summer's dream
lies frozen in dying grass
by autumn's touch stilled
a single image
instead of a stream

A beautiful soul

a beautiful soul unseen
not shielded
just unnoticed

how can one not notice
such sweetness
such purity

do we all have to be so loud
so proud of who we are
to shout it out like we are all that matters

to be bold colored
blindingly bright

she shimmers
a soft pastel perfection


pale blue dot dying
how have we become so dense
not to nurture earth

Red twigs

nature's finest paint
red twigs like veins through blue skies
brilliantly alive


magical folding
the spirit of the far east
paper crane flying


a heavenly sight
snow kissed by wintry sunlight
white panorama

Naam van jouw liefde

helder blauw als jouw ogen
en koud als jouw hart
de lucht is tekenend voor wie wij zijn geworden
laten wij onze stramme ledematen uitstrekken
verwrongen in een kromme lijn
van het nog samenzijn maar ook niet
vergeet de dagen dat wij gelukkig waren
zij zijn gebroken en vergeeld
als oude foto's uit een ver verleden
neem je afscheid van me?
of laat je me gaan als een zuchtje wind
in een vluchtig en kort bestaan
niet langer naam van jouw liefde

Lost souls

this forest cloaked in mist
there are no footsteps here
no pebbles
no trails
only lost souls among the trees


such evil creatures
they suck the life out of you
female mosquitoes


they stood on the hill ~ foes
one tall and one small
their eyes locked like nothing else existed
both hesitant, should they run or kill
curiously crossed fates
for hearts can't lie
they can beat, burn and break
but never deny ~ yearning


Sunday morning bells
I turn in my bed

Church is for saints and sinners
I've always been mere sand
slipping through God's hand


what if you become my second sun
will you shine ever true
and cast sweet shadows on me
will you hug me tenderly
hold me in warmest arms
or will sunburn be all I ever will find


dancing on moonbeams
chasing stars across the sky
~ a little dreamer


where salt washes away tears
and fears don't dare haunt me
I seek refuge

shells will shelter me
and pearls 'll be my sisters

know I'm not lost
you can find me hidden
within the darkest kind of blue


inhale ~ exhale
never mind the clouds, the rain

shrouds of gray, dark & dreary

inhale ~ exhale
never mind the people, the priest

shrouds of gray, dark & dreary

inhale ~ exhale
never mind the guilt, the tears

shrouds of gray, dark & dreary

shed your fears

be free

Lavender fields

a sweet scented dream
touching, feeling ~ violet love
lavender kisses

Rubik's cube

cube ~ six times nine squares
too much possibilities
I throw, run and hide

Big city

alone among the many
I used to smile
but after a while it faded
I started to fade

~ life in a big city

at morning we step out of our homes
into our solitary confinement

dulled and gray

~ life in a big city
we're wasting away


behind the artist
words battling for prominence
unwritten verses

Born in blood

all are born in blood
a little blue
first breath with rattling lungs
all are fragile
like flowers

My heroes

to you ~ my heroes
I bow
with empty hands and a heavy heart

I lay down my life at your feet
and whether you slay me or kiss my brow
I know I have honored you

nothing more can be said
there's nothing more I could do

Breath of fire

hard to see demons
while chasing the dark ~ stumbling
breath of fire burning truth
I am
in-between death & dream
turning to scream
but can only manage mumbling

Wrapped only in love

vulnerable ~ naked in its light
and now the moon knows
I keep no secrets between the sheets
this night
wrapped only in love ~ I'll sleep
deeply and daringly

A poem

come lay down ink on paper
beloved words touching kindred souls
a written breath of life ~ a poem


she does not belong here
like the empty shells on the shore
hold her closely
and you'll hear
the sea calling her back


smoke rings show
slow death uncurling
a sickly goodbye with every breath taken
just one more
burning my core

Watch the world

the young one and the old
with sad eyes and a pale face
watch the world in dark colors
knowing or so they think
never will they be light
or beautiful
do they not realise they are unique and gorgeous in their own right
we need not perfection
we need loving grace

Red apples

trees' high branched bear the sweetest fruit
flaming red passion portrayed
forbidden apples
kissed only by the sun

Sleeping deeply

a graceful depart
the contours of her mind fading
with open eyes she slips away
sleeping deeply
where no dark dreams shall enter

Ghostly fingers

at night I slumber ~ sad, alone with my sin
my heart once scarred, now stitched still beats
I breathe, I seem to breathe, but only before dawn

taunting me, haunting me
ghostly fingers trail my skin
for you are here
while you are gone

Drift away

I take in the wind
let my soul drift far away
you can't confine me


oh how sweet they look
these tiny blue-eyed kittens
predators they are


salt & sea became
a veil of tranquility
tender be the waves

The same

when all is lost between the lines
& seemingly no words remain
remember us my love ~for we are still the same

when your days are dark & your nights are cruel
& it seems to you the world has gone insane
remember us my love ~we are still the same

~we'll remain the same

A sad song: Streets of Philadelphia

Streets of Philadelphia - Bruce Springsteen 🎢

This is a song that for me is not only linked with the movie Philadelphia. It is also linked with the feeling of being lost, feeling like you are almost invisible, like you do not matter at all to anyone, especially to you yourself. That's why for me this song is so very sad, but strangely enough it also gives me strength, even hope. At the times when I feel lost and very negative about myself, it makes reflect on what I do have, a home, loved ones, security, a future. And even if I can't touch any positive feelings at that moment, I can keep holding on to the knowledge that I do have those things, I just need to find my way back out of the black cloud that surrounds me. This song makes me cry, but that's okay. Those are tears I need to shed anyway to resurface again. 


I was bruised and battered, I couldn't tell what I felt.
I was unrecognizable to myself.
Saw my reflection in a window and didn't know my own face…

I see you

seconds stretch
meeting time I breathe a dream
I see you