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with painful needles infused hopes are pumped into tired veins but though once beautifully alive she is now like a dried rose already past Death's doorstep

Dreaming beneath

she waits beneath the waves eyes upturned to the darkened sky watching the stars salty white foam her blanket the whales sing her a lullaby such sweet sorrow she waits for the night to pass into day for the sea to part for her heart to start beating

A darkness

secretly there's a darkness in my mind lingering, alluring I -must- look away but this day I can feel it's pull -stronger -more hungry it's leaving me weary of strangers in all their eyes I see danger and entangled in webs my thoughts stray -poisonous -pained  damning my soul


dead poets society ~ playing with fire the bodies left behind angels passing the truth: midnight is a lonely place


breathing in starlight we explore the Milky Way invincible dreams

The wrong choice

it is not the horned one that haunts us the most not the one under the bed scratching and clawing at our feet it is the ghostly one we barely see reaching for our soul to keep from which there is no walking away unharmed for unarmed to its intrigue we might succumb to its voice whispering the right choice is to make a suicide pact to walk away together not realising we're walking away with one already dead #ashverse #poetheme #darksideofpoetry #AsymLife #lqw

Show me

show me joy show me sorrow show me love like no tomorrow

Sphere star

synchronized metals everything's connected spheres orbiting spheres


bear toppling over I swear I heard a chuckle secret lives of toys

Like stone

memories have become mangled & strangled words have ceased to be spoken it has become cold inside her tortured soul the inner fire that sparked vigorously now frozen to late to take back the hurt to undo the damage that is done watch her become like stone crumbling eyes closed

A fragile light

within this the temple of sorrow candles cast soft illuminations I offer upon my hands a fragile light -my life all the hurt, the scars are mine to bear burning bright on the inside of my soul they blind me bind me I pray to temper the fire that feeds them to set myself free

The fabric of time

seamless - the fabric of time still I see ripples and folds I feel the past future of us I know there are boundaries which I can't cross but I still seek them - frantically, fiercely hear me screaming always and forever I shall not yield you are everywhere always and forever


the long & faraway gone linger not ever forgotten my mind - a memories filled vault more precious than gold