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she stays silent but that doesn't mean she's got nothing to say she wakes at night knowing every new day will bring  light but darkness soothes her for she speaks inside her dreams her voice clear and confident how she longs to stay asleep

in the corner of the room the silent piano with its untouched keys no longer lovingly touched by slender fingers entering the age of melancholy sweet memories slowly fading the sound of her voice her smile that lighted up the room like the brightest sun becoming undone

I find myself asleep in bed, simultaneously watching the night-sky as a child a young girl a grown woman linear time dismissed I lie awake within a dream a stream of consciousness teaching me I know nothing yet  I understand all

drowning I dive, deep into your soul breaking trough the surface I'm          going                        under don't try to save me I'm ready I won't breathe [please make me breathe]

know this... the earth remembers all she's witnessed the rise and fall of empires she's been used, broken and abused; wearing the scars to prove it still, she's beautiful & wild you should love her, like you would your mother you should cradle her, like you would your child

let's rendezvous by the river Seine and with the stars above re-find love and become as we were when we first met