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Remember the dead

train my hands for thy war
deformed and defiled my soul
will swallow thy enemies whole
but lest I sleep the sleep of Death
still my heart will know and mourn
remember the dead
they are not gone


a phoenix will rise
sweeping the ashes
always Cinderella

2001: A space odyssy

losing all controls
system malfunctioning
lethal intentions

Misty veil

this mornings magic
a misty veil on the water
mystifying view

Like a flower

in this life
my heart captured by you
but deprived of love and touch
I wither
and die

Kiss me to sleep

wrap me in words
let me wander within written dreams
make your world unfold in my mind, slowly
hide me between the pages of your book
kiss me to sleep writer
I will not want to wake this night

Lustful love

don't shut the curtains
from whispered secrets in the dark
daggers fall slowly


love knows no reason
no boundaries
lust knows even less

cover me with your kisses
my nakedness obscured

amore libidinoso

Most precious

it's not the possession of jewels or gold
nor the wealth of paper
the ownership of assets

it's the simple things that are most precious
touching our hearts, making us whole

it's a kiss on the lips
a breeze carrying the scent of flowers

it's you
it's us

My addiction

you might well be my downfall
I am drawn to you like a bee to a flower's nectar
unquestionably irresistible
your lips are addictively sweet

I drink your words like poetry
they flow through my veins and captivate my heart

don't break me my love
make me whole


sweet summer's dream
feel the warmth of the sun still
and walk the lavender fields
such fragranced memory
France revisited at night


don't fear the hurt in your heart darling
you have not gone mad
this is just the same sadness you are feeling
again and again

you've been here before
you've seen this colorless haze

don't punish yourself for being my darling
you know this too shall pass


such sad weather
the clouds are continuously crying
and I feel like I'm losing the light inside of me
a gray haze obscuring my heart

Waking Spring

a cold freezing fog
covering this morning's landscape
come arouse spring's sunshine
wake her from her slumber
make her rise

True worth

in this superficial world
of paper wealth
blind to true worth
the beggar's house of gold unseen
poor creative souls are lost

My hands

my hands     are so cold        but you say           to you             they feel like fire                 burning                     with desire                          touching                             your inner core
                               making                                      you want                                           me                                              even more

Fear me

within me the darkness, the tempest
& the torrents of tears

I am the spray that bears the buds of rage
I can draw blood like razor blades

heed my warning child
you should fear me for I am no friend

today I may seem docile
tomorrow I might kill

A ruin

the cracks in our foundation are expanding
and the fractured pillars of our trust can no longer support the roof

the walls that we've plastered with our love are flaking
our tears expanding the mould

we are becoming a ruin


he was watching her
waiting in the calm before the storm
carefully, patiently

she was growing wild
her fear expanding before breaching
like a feral cat clawing her way out of danger
raging against life itself

he knew it would pass

he'd seen the kitten she truly was


the magic of ice
frost embracing a bubble
slowly transforming


on top of a stump
little ball of reddish fur
quietly resting


burn these pages
and write no more child
there's a dark kind of magic in those words
spellbinding rhymes make minds go weak

what pen did you use?
what ink?

who whispered these poems into your ear?
a muse?

't can't be
no, 't can't be

All you want

seduce me into confession
trial me

saturated senses seek no absolution
my body knows no boundaries
my heart knows no restraint

take me as I am
or leave me

I am all
if all is what you want

Your wake

the storm has passed
and in the void of your wake
I find myself alone
my boat adrift

as the seagulls soar by
I watch the horizon on my own
searching for signs

are you still there

waiting for me



can you hear me?

~ no heartbeat

open your eyes for me love ...

~ no heartbeat

press one and two and three

~ no heartbeat

please, don't go, don't leave me

~ no heartbeat

press one and two and three

~ breathe

My rock

drifting on the erratic currents of my fragile mind

  flying blind

I still find my way home to you
my solid rock amidst the wild, wild waves

  you are a beacon
      a buoy

I nestle within the shelter of your arms


Break of day

I find the mornings are the hardest to endure
waking from sweet slumbering dreams
still finding you are gone
the nightly thrust of hope swept away by the simple break of day

Like chess

he played them like pawns
it was all a game to him
casual pastime


They sat in the grass, staring at clouds; an old man and a girl.

 "We all suffer sometimes, Sarah. It is not something you can avoid."
  "But I can run really fast, pops."
  "I know you can. But sometimes, when you're looking over your shoulders, pain simply sneaks up on you."


I live a colorless life

mold my body into art with your tender hands
    awaken my slumbering soul

color my world blue

shape me with your beautiful imagination
  my artist, my creator

       touch me, teach me
make me fit perfectly into you

My madness

failing to overcome myself
the blood in my veins outwards
the darkness in my soul seemingly white

I am the heat in my heart
I am the hatred in my head
slowly I become my madness

I paint myself fading into the background
my body decomposing


I find solace in madness
and madness in my blood

I draw red lines
and paint a perfect picture in my head

this is how my world begins
and this is how it ends

I have never been alive
so never shall I be dead

Ghostly hands

I cling to you ~ still
holding on that all that once was
with ghostly hands

I claw at the sheets of our bed
hug your pillow
my scent already gone

I can't sever the lines that bind us
lingering, I keep seeing you
I need to keep seeing you

please, see me too


you draw patterns in the nightly sky
     white lines from star to star
making up our own

you portray us as a flower
    sometimes a tree
but I am not anything as
  beautiful as you draw me to be

I am the mud between the roots

I am the rain washing it away

Quotation from Shakespeare

"And these our lives, exempt from public haunt, find tongues in trees, books in the running brooks, sermons in stone, and good in everything."

~ Shakespeare ( As you like it)

Quotation from Mandy Bontius

'Books are the best friends anyone can have; they never judge you, they can only hurt you so much as you let them, they won't stab you in the back, they can bring great pleasure and they never leave you.'

~ Mandy Bontius

The hurt

the hurt you wanted to escape
followed you excitedly
like a puppy dog
wagging its tail

Long ago

in a musty old box in the attic
keepsakes and memories long forgotten

a lock of hair
little worn-out shoes
a discolored photograph of sunny day spend at the seaside
some dried flowers held together with a red ribbon
a written letter from her lover

 't was so long ago
a lifetime

My world

I know nothing of this world and I understand so little

Uncertain and somewhat afraid I often turn to hide where none can reach me, for within my own world I can rely on my trusted imagination

I know the way there
I know my place there


within the night sky
distant stars hold memories
I try to find ours


mourning her mother
sitting under a pale moon
the ghost of a girl

Breathe for me

beneath blankets of black
I watch the world with weary eyes
trace the edges of my sanity
with trembling fingers

I often find no reason in staying
but when waves of desperation drown me
be my lungs and breathe for me
for I am not willing to leave you
nor am I ready to leave me


long before love was named love, I've loved
deeply, but always fleetingly
I've kissed the sun, the stars, the moon
I've caressed the earth, the sky, the waters
I was the first
I'll be the last
you need not look for me child
just close your eyes, feel me
I've always been here

Hello, goodbye

I've seen you around many times
I do not know your name
How are you?

have you seen me around too?
Do you know my name?
I am fine

let me blow you a kiss,
for if we never meet again,
we can always remember
a sweet goodbye from a stranger