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My loving soul...

my loving soul is hidden under layers of hurt and sadness won't you undress me release what lies beneath


I want to be you take your blood's venom away to heal you - I'd die

Only he could set free

only he could set free                                              her imprisoned heart                          for he himself                              was its captivator                                unknowingly                      


incomparable accidentally found love the unsought treasure

The sky cries out in pain...

the sky cries out in pain          as an angel falls down            to earth                        followed by the chilling sound of heaven closing its doors   

She had prompted THE question...

she had prompted THE question which left him at a loss 'now or never love' but whichever he'd choose -checkmate
#madverse #HRTVerse

A butterfly once more...

since I found you - an unsought treasure - and my hearts greatest pleasure little time has past a spring a summer and a fall
our newfound love released my soul from normal life for you were far beyond special and I'll remember you always just like that
but winter has arrived and our lives will drastically change too soon a sudden end will come to yours and for mine… nothing matters anymore for you are my blazing sun and my brightest moon -now almost eclipsed
can you still feel

Together we danced...

together we danced along the face of the moon you - my beautiful angel radiating in the silvery light I - your lover awestruck at your sight

A nudge & a wink...

a nudge & a wink                          a smirk & a blink                           oh my fluttering heart                         be calm - be still            or fall - I will           

One cold look from him...

one cold look from him made her heart   - the warmth of summer
go hiding under fallen leaves
waiting for frostbite
to hit her

Here you are

here you are my angel a dream within a dream
so real
your alabaster skin feels so soft - so cold your long flowing hair must be made of gold your eyes are so blue - so brilliantly bright your voice sounds so clear - so infinite light your luscious scent - it intoxicates
you take me to heaven you bring me back home ~ my fantasy stained with love

no please don't wake me up