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she sat high up in the tree dangling her legs watching the clouds drift by lazily home, she thought, is not a static place made of wood or bricks, a roof on top home could be a field of flowers or home could be right here under the vast sky watching the stars alight at night

within the first light of a new day with shadows still low and stretched out on the sand she walks in the footsteps of her father, fading already she tries to follow him, still despite knowing he is away for good it doesn't hurt her that he is gone it hurts he couldn't stay

She was, she watched, but she wasn't real anymore. For weeks I could still see her sitting in bed, smoking a cigarette without smoke. She smiled and I smiled back. I told her stories. I liked to make up stories. Stories were better than truth, most of the time they still are.

I rearrange white pebbles beyond the thoughts, the dream now obscured my fingernails filthy with dirt I dig deep into my heart buy you beautiful fragile flowers but here I find you beneath the earth, the stone no longer my home

casting my eyes to ground I find our morning shadows fading dark clouds have gathered to shade our sun we own our separate thoughts both wrought with guilt I love you still but my heart beats out of sync let the rain pour down I am now ready to drown

I weave my thoughts into the fabric of time. Never ending story.

she mourns during the days, with closed fingers every night, as she stares at the ceiling in her bedroom, her eyes deceived by daunting dreams she tears from her chest the love that slowly drowns her an open heart bleeding deadly regret she knows the truth, but she can't forget

who am I to judge the jaded ones walking empty eyed through crowded streets slowly poisoned by the city's concrete structures no personality, just rigid steel I do admire the wayward ones running wild, defying the rules living like every day is new chance to finally break free

hiding in plain sight colorful chameleon master in disguise

you, my sweet desire I await the hour of our sin my love long since kindled, now burning with lust seduced, I trace our memories on your skin feel my power I am longing alone and longing only a raging fire fromwithin kiss me thrill me

snow-topped mountains conceal hidden valleys green, lush but lonesome here, where spirits linger only birds perch in a majestic tree, temporarily I reach out for the stars find freedom in my solitude I'm growing wings; I'll learn to fly

nighttime sounds: an owl in a tree, wind rustling the remaining leaves gnarly branches, black against the moon the sweetest dreams, taking residence in my heart you & I an impossible possibility the sheets will not reveal my secrets

A tentative kiss

and in the morning when I find myself again looking into the mirror of your eyes our lips brush lightly: a tentative kiss you touch my cheek, saying hello how are you have we met before? maybe yesterday, once more