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Imaginary world

on this day I pray not to find truth nor falsehood
let me stay ignorant of the blood and shame
for it's all the same

it's all the same

let me dream awake of flowers and fairies
let me play the fool who knows nothing of life as it is
reality is just another state of being
I am not
nor ever will I be ~mature
burdened with dark thoughts and painful shame

I am a child of the trees
of the butterflies and bees
and I wander in wonder of all that beauty
so few people truly notice, or so it seems
I might be strange and at fault
but just let me be
maybe I was never meant to live this long
and become deadened like thee


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casting my eyes to ground
I find our morning shadows fading
dark clouds have gathered to shade our sun
we own our separate thoughts
both wrought with guilt

I love you
but my heart beats out of sync

let the rain pour down
I am now ready to drown

nighttime sounds: an owl in a tree,
wind rustling the remaining leaves
gnarly branches,
black against the moon

the sweetest dreams,
taking residence in my heart

you & I
an impossible possibility
the sheets will not reveal my secrets

Sigh: The last goodbye

The last goodbye - Billy Boyd 🎢

This is the song that concludes the trilogy of The Hobbit, filmed by Peter Jackson. To me it is even more than that. It is the perfect goodbye to both The Lord of the Rings as well as The Hobbit. What a magnificent journey the actors, producers and all others on the set have taken in participating in filming the mighty fantasy world created by Tolkien. It truly must have been a bit sad having to say goodbye to their characters, the world they were creating and to each-other. This was an epic undertaking and one I can imagine they will never forget.


I saw the light fade from the sky
On the wind I hear a sigh
As the snowflakes cover my fallen brothers
I will say this last goodbye

Night is now falling
So end this day
The road is now calling
And I must away
Over hill and under tree
Through lands where never light has shone
By silver streams that run down to the sea

Under cloud, beneath the stars
Over snow one winter's morn
I turn at last on paths that lea…