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Destined to darkness

within this cold night, between these barren walls and dying trees, evil voices from a distant past haunt my soul
there is little time left
for you are only embers now; the pale remnants of a fire that once was our blazing power

with hollow eyes you watch my movements
my lips part but no sound escapes from my mouth
I turn around, ashamed
how could I be so foolish to think myself worthy of you when I was destined to fail such a frail flower, beautiful, fragrant, fragile... now withering
still holding on to life you whisper: it awaits us all my love,
I don't fear it,
hold me now, then let me go

how could I, you should know I would rather die here instead of you
to bleed into the barren ground and watch you bloom once more with vibrant life from my limbs
but I obey
take your pale, powerless body into my arms to cradle you, protect you
for my demons lurk in the growing darkness
once you are gone - my light, my love, my life
- I will be lost to them

I will fight fiercely for you
until I loose and must let go
of all that was you
the last goodness in me


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