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A little weird, but beautiful: I'm not ready to go yet

I'm not ready to go yet - Winchester 🎢

This is a weird song and I love it. The first time I heard the beginning of this song, it reminded me somewhat of the music that set the whole atmosphere for the cult series Twin Peaks: a lamenting high voice and strange music. But soon after, it changed to a more modern weirdness. I can't describe it more articulate than this: beautiful weirdness. Like you do not need to consume the mushrooms to space out. Just listening to the song is quite enough. Enjoy your trip!


No more fear, it’s all said and done

Just watch as they fall, watch what we’ve begun

In the night, they watch as you sleep—

You opened the door, and they want you to keep

One small tear, watch as it falls.

Hung glass in the air, you care nothing at all

No more words, there’s nothing to prove.

Oh how could I choose? Oh what could I do?

What could I do…..


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