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1996: Eurovision Songcontest: The Voice

The voice - Eimear Quinn 🎢

Back in the day, when the Eurovision Songcontest still had a lot to do with the actual singing-quality, this was a song that touched many people's hearts. The voice of an Angel. She had my vote. I even bought the CD-single afterwards.


I hear the voice on the wind
And I hear you call out my name
Listen my child you say to me

I am the voice of your history
Be not afraid, come follow me
Answer my call and Ill set you free

I am the voice in the wind and the pouring rain
I am the voice of your hunger and pain
I am the voice that always is calling you
I am the voice and I will remain

I am the voice in the fields when the summers gone
The dance of the leaves when the autumn winds blow
Never did I sleep throughout all the cold winter long
I am the force that in springtime will grow

I am the voice of the past that will always be
Filled with my sorrows and blood in my fields
I am the voice of the future
Bring me your peace, bring me your peace
And my wounds they will heal


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