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Beeldend bloed

wanneer de wanhoop me vindt
en fluitend, alsof er niets aan de hand is
vuilbekkend met rotte tanden mijn hart verscheurt
zal ik bloeden waar ik val
de liefde leeggelopen
als woordstromen in helder rood op grauw asfalt
de dood als kunst - straatpoΓ«zie


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nighttime sounds: an owl in a tree,
wind rustling the remaining leaves
gnarly branches,
black against the moon

the sweetest dreams,
taking residence in my heart

you & I
an impossible possibility
the sheets will not reveal my secrets

In silence

never would there evermore
a song upon a breeze
for music has forsaken us
went lost among the trees

now darkness has surrounded us
and vanquished all the light
in silence now we just await
the visitor in the night

casting my eyes to ground
I find our morning shadows fading
dark clouds have gathered to shade our sun
we own our separate thoughts
both wrought with guilt

I love you
but my heart beats out of sync

let the rain pour down
I am now ready to drown