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Love dies

a wildfire spreading vengeful words bursting into flames the shame, the shame nothing stays but everything remains the same always the never-ever again and again ashes to ashes and lust to dust a wry reality love dies a madmen's death at first deliriously happy at last deliriously sad

What would life bring

dark corners grow in the chambers of my mind the thoughts I find have become vague and unkind the warmth of safety and truth grows cold I feel old and have become weary my heart a fortress broken down stone by stone exposed
what light would new dreams bring like a fire burning brightly would warm blood fill my veins make me soar on white wings would my heart need no boundaries like before what would life bring - being innocent  once more

Hollow grief

hungry but fasting deep down hollow grief covered by bones protruding never shall I wear loss with rosy flesh

A nightmare returning

how I fear mornings -not nights the dark my companion for in dreams I am free from life's dreadful grip -reality I can not slip nor falland will never be bound I will drift and stretch my soul throughout the valley of my imagination sketch purple trees and golden grass flowing my body -a painted rainbow of clouds once lost there I will never ever 
want to be found
I plead 
I beg please spare me the pain of waking when my hope and belief will shatter and waterfall tears will cloud vision not my beating heart is who I am nor my weak and mortal body the daily walking depth dragging me down towards hell beneath my feet burning a sempiturnal nightmare returning -the day


I rattle and shake my bones exposed to the wind stormy weather ch/kills

Moon dances

twilight soon moon dances deliriously she'll shine & shine dazzling stars will bleaken & fall but she will not notice for once it's her ball

Sleepsong - Secret Garden

Een prachtig lied…

Inevitable loss

and he slammed the door behind him leaving a dark empty space in her soul once filled with a criminal desire to possess a love secretly slipping away even untied hands could not hold onto
a flood of awareness swelling waves of sorrow endlessly crashing down on a drowning heart where did this ending start with a touch, a kiss? a pulsating need hollowing meaning a carnal desire tearing down reason
the invisible but inevitable a sabre of betrayal piercing souls blaming - shaming both
hanging by a memory only of brighter days & lighter nights minds grieving gravely over an ever lingering loss 


big eyes smile at me a bit tattered and torn now my precious Teddy


a perfect fire leaves hearts burning long after love has turned to ash

I stray

dancing in the rain under the cover of dark clouds deranged I stray - cold to the bone my heart my only home declared condemned

Breath of fire

hard to see demons chasing the dark -stumbling breath of fire burning truth I am in-between death & dream turning to scream but only mumbling

Nooit geloofd

de droom in een lege kamer lig ik - woordeloos wachtend op niets of iets wat niet langer is
steeds kleiner en banger staar ik omhoog volg de scheuren in het plafond draai rond en rond en rond en rond
mijn kloppend hart slaat wild - verward mijn stem vervreemd mijn ziel verwond
gekromde vingers klauwen maar de muur maagdelijk wit en de uren tergend traag
vraag me niets ik weet het niet - ben het vergeten zij - zij weten, maar zeggen mij niets sussen enkel mijn geweten met een pil, een spuit en kussen mijn hoofd sst - het is goed - het wordt beter beloofd
ik heb niet geloofd nooit geloofd, nooit geloofd
van zowel werkelijkheid als waanzin beroofd

A shade of the night

she's feeling blue truly a shade of the night deep & darkened new moon's black beams shatter silence - soundlessly she fears, wanders her body & mind frail vanishing slowly leaving only a trail of her footsteps in moss