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I'm mismatched wires

I'm mismatched wires missing from me - logic like assembled puzzles mixing the many pieces into a strange form of art
#Ravensveil #orjay #bunburyezine


I take in the wind let my soul drift far away you can't confine me

The savage roads we've traveled

the savage roads we've traveled imagine the ghosts left behind - our hearts & souls sworn silent listen & lament
#MSpoetry #bunburyezine #fieryverse #poetheme


dwarves mining my brain no gems inside just rubble and dust no trust in beauty within a hollowed-out mind

Circling like vultures

circling like vultures sharp voices invade her brain no quiet desperation thunder & lighting paralysing pain
#DSpoetry #HomoAquarius #AsymLife

Looking back

looking back to the future the renaissance of our love - unborn I feel a stranger's kiss vacant your absence is all I echo
#orjay #fieryverse #HomoAquarius #SpeakPoetry


bound to muddy earth gazing longingly at the bright sun icarus wings singed

Once upon a time

once upon a time soft, cradling arms - safe turned old now gone - replaced by the embrace of bones - cold


silent lips frozen painful stories left untold untouched heart - now cold


behind the artist words battling for prominence unwritten verses

Brush stroke

one brush stroke away a bird in a tree nesting


daydreaming in grass clouds up high in a blue sky rabbit - dragon - heart

An angel

the way you are made of sunlight and warmth in all of nature's splendor takes me close to heaven for without even being there I see an angel -you
#WrittenRiver #orjay #POMwords #soulhoot #ShapePoetry #VerseReversal


water runs slowly a playground for dragonflies creek filled with wet stones


bone-deep bleed-less cuts beyond - a soul's desertion never looking back

Forgive me

forgive me my fateful delusions my heart weary - hopelessly lost made this glass house my home
forgive me my fragile visibility my soul consumed by fear - feeble tried to take cover but failed
forgive me my whispered words my voice without courage - wavering started thinking aloud a distant sound in a crowd
forgive me making peace with death my body far too tired and torn for muted anger no more room
but who are you to forgive me my revenge on life my footmarks over time fading leaving you with nothing to reach for - or feel nothing real
tell me why you even read this poem written to deny the lie I try to bury - with me my mind not kind nor brave for cruel and cowardly I dug my grave - willingly

#ShapePoetry #soulhoot #madverse #POMwords #DSpoetry #Magick_Words #HomoAquarius #ashverse #VerseReversal #poetheme #orjay

I am purple

silently I slip away - abandon your reality go out of touch you harshly say not true not true I am purple - you are blue
#VerseReversal #Magick_Words

Walk with me

walk with me down shipwrecked shores a calm sea contrasts soul's stormy hours companionable silence will soothe a mind's inner turmoil
#RavensVeil #HeartsMeal #WrittenRiver #AMSPC 

Escapist dream

as I silently scream inject me with oblivion brilliantly blur the edge between harsh reality & escapist dream numbing agent
#poetheme #DrugVerse

Shadow games

my mind weary of you playing shadow games - always why did you shine on me was it only to make me fade
#HeartSoup #WordVerse


schitterend water een zwaan klapwiekt haar vleugels schoonheid in meervoud


a wave of colours the wind softly caresses May flowers blooming

Born in blood

all are born in blood naked a little blue first breath with rattling lungs fragile like flowers