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someday a phoenix will be  rising me sweeping the ashes always Cinderella


out: the button lost in need to reset functions off: switching my mind


de dagen de nachten het wachten op jou
mijn pijn, hier...
jouw donkere luchten, ze laten me zweten ik wil het vergeten vergeten en schreeuwen - de vogels ze vallen hun vleugels lam - de dood vangt
jij loopt - raakt de weg kwijt draait en draait en draait dol en ik struikel - de knieƫn geschaafd
mijn bloed, daar...


fijne lijnen een klein beetje de mijne nog woorden ongesproken liggend op geschetste lippen ogen open toch ook ogen dicht
jouw getekend gezicht bevat geen geheimen vertekend zijn mijn herinneringen jij en ik

Smoke rings show

smoke rings show slow death uncurling saying goodbye every breath taken just one more burning my core

Crumbling faces fall

crumbling faces fall return to inner youth yesterday's future unfolds backward dreams truth untold where did we go
#DSpoetry #wordstew #soulhoot


sun begins to rise blowing midnight dust from brain waking up is hard

Depthless desire

depthless desire this darkened fire burning bright blazing mine,  just borrowed time now breathe me in between heartbeats kiss of death save me from lustless life take me - I'm yours
#FieryVerse #madverse #poetheme #Magick_Words #DSpoetry


money less precious never shone nature so bright like gold in sunlight


sacred spring of life despite all death we cause its water still flows

Romeo & Juliet

you died - so am I dead? for you seem so alive my lovely Juliet your lips -so warm to touch the colour of roses your breath -so sweet I savour no, no, it can't be my mind must have me fooled into thinking you're still here
oh no, my sweet Romeo such sacred wonder this must be love eternally lets us live look me in the eye my love it is me, it is me
awaken me for I must be dreaming this is real -you are here?
touch me feel my heart beating still I am here and I will stay stay with me I pray thee
speak no more it is you I feel this is no waking dream -you are real!

Faint lantern illuminating

faint lantern illuminating scarcely yesterday's child -lost between darkness and light a mere memory a lovely ghost
#ashverse #wordstew


a cute little lamb looking rather sheepishly: should I spring around?
#botaiku #WorldPoetryDay


life contained - secured keep the outside world at bay both profit & loss
#orjay #writtenriver


stamping with its boots a dwarf stands in the garden "A gnome I am, fool!"

From up there

from up there the quiet and the falling come soaring down breaking through the atmosphere comet tails trail
#madverse #SpeakPoetry

Never the same

never the same a home for my heart always changing -like clouds madness in motion under a pale moon
#soulhoot #poetheme

You should not be here

you should not be here not now beautiful butterfly with frozen wings no flowers for you to land on only ice-cold snow
#ashverse #PowerOfMyWords

I must walk alone

in these quiet hours rising from within the mists a moment of clarity the echoing dream in my mind left behind by your last whispers is losing its tight hold on my heart you are becoming a memory always part of my past but you're gone my future - my journey I must walk alone
#fieryverse #HeartSoup #poetheme #MSpoetry


bees feast on nectar a flowering spectacle before bearing fruit