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Me + tired = bed

me  + tired  = bed 
magnificent idea  I should write about that 
I just did

She sits in shallow waters

she sits in shallow waters watching me with mystic eyes her hair like flaming fire should I run from what I desire
#Heartsoup #madverse #HomoAquarius

I'm clueless

I'm clueless to where Wally is you are a master uncovering what is hidden seek and you shall find you say I seek, I peek, I pray
#AsymLife #Magick_Words

Mystic eyes

mystic eyes see earth's suffering humankind a parasitic disease multiplying beyond belief and bleeding her dry
#madverse #poetheme #darksideofpoetry

Cherish her heart

cherish the her heart fire & thorn are simply the price to pay for deep rooted love
#FieryVerse #PowerOfMyWords #Magick_Words

My dark thoughts troubling me

my dark thoughts troubling me are always here - never there taste of crimson regret blood trickling down see my scars aren't they beautiful
#HomoAquarius #poetheme #madverse

Don't you dare die now

don't you dare die now I'm having a moment of peace sun bleaching my bones and a beer for some cheer

All people are the same

all people are the same just another pawn in this fucked up game I need a little time to think straight see strategy stop being afraid screw your knight I'll fight this all until I fall & die
#AsymLife #poetheme #IBlyrics #PowerOfMyWords

My hands empty - reaching

my hands empty - reaching grasping thin air my eyes stuck in the past I see you still but you're not there
#darksideofpoetry #ashverse #poetheme

Still she slumbers

still she slumbers sleeping willow waiting for spring to arrive her bare branches yearn for young kittens

Little eyes open wide

little eyes open wide watching me reading bed-time stories lights soon out I say #goodnight
#HeartSoup #SpeakPoetry

So life-like

so life-like a marble marvel picture perfect being dance with me darling art into motion
#CapturedPoets #writtenriver

I see beauty & darkness combined

I see beauty & darkness combined my morbid angel a gambit played for I believe her heart is beating with hidden love
#ashverse #AsymLife #poetheme

Her heavy heart

nails scratching on the inside not mellowed with time continue to claw no longer thick skinned she falls into the frightening range of fear's grip the strain of the secret and the confession causes a collapse her heavy heart scarred succumbs can no longer see salvation

#ashverse #madverse #PowerOfMyWords 
#VerseReversal #elixirpoetry #ShapePoetry

Dragon's songs

so long since they roared & soared the night-sky filled with dragon's songs melt ice with fire's breath frozen hearts freed from slumber passion's fury flares up beautiful & bright they sing once again
#FieryVerse #ashverse #Magick_Words

Old bathrobe

When I look at it with rational eyes, I see an old bathrobe, tattered and torn. Worn to threads. But my heart does not agree. She sees you wearing it, smiling. Your grey hair a beautiful mess, your eyes despite all still young and bright. I never wish to stop seeing it with my heart's eyes. I wear you. I wrap myself inside you. You hide me. You guide me. I can not let go. I need you so. Please stay. Let me hold on to you, one more day...
#writtenriver #poetheme #bunburryezine

Beautiful bloodless Banshee

beautiful bloodless Banshee blue eyes screaming soundlessly warn me not deaf I will greet Death when he decides to come for me

Release your voice

release your voice from darkness sing my angel and never stop

#soulhoot #VerseReversal

Hush now

hush now my silent beauty waste no words on the weary ones free your voice be still
#AMSPC #soulhoot #PowerOfMyWords