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Preserved inside

preserved inside carefully collected invisible little pieces of us like a laugh a look a kiss all things I can't bear to miss


nature's finest paint red twigs like veins through blue skies brilliantly alive

Left behind

left behind to watch without play like a puppet staring at the same old shit over & over unable to move and go my own way

Staring spellbound

staring spellbound magnetic image comes alive a dwarf in the kitchen sharing treasure tales how weird is that
#AsymLife #MSpoetry #Magick_Words


time to decide now hearts forever on the brink story without end
#HRTVerse #CapturedPoets

Resonant sounds of chimes

resonant sounds of chimes strings attached to branches of trees ancient songs flow carried by the warm winds of fall
#VerseReversal #poetheme

A sweet wintry smile

a sweet wintry smile with downcast eyes hushed sounds on snow covered ground a picture pristine
#Ashverse #VerseReversal

Don't stop reading to me

don't stop reading to me this should be a story without end your soft voice forever ringing in my ear
#ravensveil #HRTVerse

Heroes wear black & ashes

the flow of fire draws out life resonant shrieks of dreadful fear fill the air too hot to breathe trees are bleeding and burning some creatures so spellbound staring at the lick of flames survival not even on their minds the hearth of the inferno sets the night brightly ablaze a second sun under a pale moon
and as silent dawn breaks hushed sounds all around sizzling of scorched earth soft moans and whispering voices almost lost for words unavoidable the sight of destruction & despair and a penetrating smell of death filling morning's air heroes wear black & ashes
#poetheme #VerseReversal #AsymLife #ashverse #HRTVerse #HeartSoup #HomoAquarius

He tenderly and with patience

he tenderly and with patience
folded her paper heart
into a Japanese flower
a treasure on display
#IBLyrics #SpeakPoetry 


spellbound a moth flies to the flame powerless I watch she is the moth and he is the flame incinerating love

Mind spinning with painted poems

mind spinning with painted poems their heavy colour blinding migraine lurking behind the frames should heed these signs close eyes - sleep

#FieryVerse #wordstew  #VerseReversal #SpeakPoetry

You left - door open

you left - door open to cold to care our love frozen icicle pierce my heart please

I lost myself in a familiar song

I lost myself in a familiar song violin and cello lament death calling his fair maiden I answered without hesitation
#HRTVerse #ashverse #LIPoetry

You may read my rings of time

you may read my rings of time peel the layers of protection but I plead please heed my heart naked beneath
#ravensveil #VerseReversal #PowerOfMyWords

Ghostly cries for mercy heard

ghostly cries for mercy heard           across fields formerly filled with blood the dying                             the dead                              lone gone                            but the earth remembers all