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Let me hide

I cry in dreamless sleep -not sleeping -just weeping Afraid of yet another day to come -but unafraid to die -not even knowing why  I blur the lines between worlds -pretending not to be here -making myself disappear I wish not to be waking up cold -or waking up old -or waking up ever Let me hide in my warm bed Please -let me hide in my own head


I have no voice The negative space that once was full of vibrant song Deadly quiet now As you trace your fingers along my face I so long to dance again, alone Only I've died I'm just a shell lingering on

Katy vindt geen rust - Jane Fraser 6*

Titel: Katy vindt geen rust Auteur: Jane Fraser ISBN: - © 1963 Jane Fraser

Dit boek heeft geen flaptekst. Het maakt deel uit van het Rosita-abonnement 1965.


This useless tradition - folded hands As in prayer I know in life You'd given us the finger I wish now you still could


Under a stone slab I rest my case No appeal possible


In the blackest nights I seek to find a bright vision of my future But always only see The many paths to past days of darkness Blinding me


Even the blackest nights fade As the sun unfolds A magical dawn breaks The darkest of spells