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Behind closed doors - Susan Lewis (7*)

Title: Behind closed doors
Author: Susan Lewis
ISBN: 9780099586463
© 2014 Susan Lewis

Detective Sergeant Andrea Lawrence is reluctant to take this emotionally charged case, but she can’t help herself. In a small British seaside community, a fourteen-year-old girl has vanished. Sophie Monroe hasn’t been seen since she fought—loudly, miserably—with her stepmother and father more than a week before. But her frantic parents seem to be the only people concerned about Sophie’s disappearance. Everyone else just assumes that an angry teenager is acting out by hiding for a while.

Did someone help Sophie run away, or abduct her? Either way, Detective Andee is certain something bad has happened. As Andee investigates, two men jump to the top of the list of suspects—but neither of them can be located. And the deeper Andee delves into Sophie’s life, the more she struggles to keep her own darkest fears at bay—because Andee knows all too well what happens when young girls are lost and never found.


It was a long time ago that I've read this thriller, so this will not be a detailed review. 
This book was a nice read. It starts with a typical argument a teenager can have with her parents, feeling unloved and angry. The surroundings Sophie is growing up in, aren't the best one can have in start of life. It does well portray what effect the bad combination of surroundings and bad influences can have on an uncertain, depressed young teenage girl. She seeks comfort with men twice her age and dresses cheap to attract male attention. This is why when she vanishes the investigation is directed at two of those men Sophie has been in close contact with. Especially when it becomes clear both men are far from stand-up good guys. During the unfolding of events it becomes clear that there are a lot of skeletons in every character's closet. At the very end of the book, there was a very nice plot-twist. I did not see that one coming. 

The main character in the book is Detective Andee Lawrence. Her own personal story is interwoven with Sophie's disappearance, as Andee's sister has gone missing when she was very young and was never found. Because of that Andee is somewhat obsessed with the case. Her own personal situation is less than perfect, having two teenage children of her own, a divorced husband (cheater) and a new love in her life which she is keeping secret from her children. What makes it extra complicated is that her ex-husband still loves her and wants her back, and not admitting it to herself she longs for him as well. This makes her an interesting character, who's persistence in the case - because of her own past - is what almost becomes her downfall but ultimately solves the case. Even if the outcome of the investigation is a dreaded one, the certainty of knowing what happened to Sophie is what gives Andee some piece of mind.

I've read this book in a short time, because it is gripping and fast-paced. It is not a nail-biting thriller in the style of Scandinavian thrillers, but a good murder-mystery being solved in somewhat more familiar surroundings.


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